Our Company

With over 10 years expertise in microbiology, this has enabled us to apply our knowledge and experience to everyday microbiology situations, as well as more unique circumstances, that require expert knowledge, with novel applications and solutions. We offer a wide range of consultancy services and sterilisation solutions to suit our most demanding customers. Each package can be tailored enabling our clients concerns to be solved quickly with lasting resolutions read moreread more

Customer Service

At BSG we put customers first:

  • In doing this our customers know they are gaining a service that will eradicate their microbiology anxieties.
  • We continually advance the service we provide our customers. We do this by undertaking constant scientific and technical development. This is at the heart of our vision so we can provide our customers with modern up to date answers.
  • All BSG subsidiaries have their own dedicated customer support service department.
  • We provide life-long Customer support and solutions. read more read more

Activities & Solutions

Biomedical Science Group's subsidiary companies: BactiSafe Ltd provide biological decontamination services to health facilities, and Microbiology Consultants Ltd provides consultancy services to customers with operations in:
Medical Microbiology

  • Providing guidance upon MRSA surveillance, educating staff and putting in place new protocols to improve hospital cleanliness. read moreread more
  • BactiSafe provides biological decontamination services to laboratories and health facilities.
Water Division
  • Offer services and products to Public and Private Water companies.
  • Direction in the reduction of microbial contamination in public and process waters. read moreread more
Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Preventing microbial spoilage of a range of items, including food, beer, shampoo, cosmetics, paint, glue and metals. read more read more
Quality Control, Assurance and Auditing
  • Successfully passing periodical audits is a requirement in most industries. We can produce reports as well as provide comprehensive assistance on internal audit, quality control/assurance. read more read more

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